HEXO TANGIE (H) 510 - 0.5G

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High-quality 510 thread vape cartridge. The strong THC potency single strain Tangie formulation contains a native cannabis terpene blend and cannabinoids from sun grown cannabis. That’s it. Breath activated for ease of use, leak-free, and packaged in a child-resistant format, the Tangie cartridge is methodically produced in a highly controlled environment for consistent delivery. The ceramic heating element is engineered to precisely atomize liquid and lasts for approximately 100 uses. A clean and smooth finish with the light aroma of terpenes reminiscent of your favourite cannabis strain.
Thc / Cbd Range
720 - 780 mg/g
0 - 10 mg/g

Additional Product Information
Cultivar: Sativa
Brand Name: Hexo
Consumption Method: Vape
Lineage: Tangie
Dominant Effect: Amplify

Terpene Profile

Alpha Pinene (Pine)

Limonene (Citrus)

Linalool (Lavender)

Trans-Carophyllene (Spicy)