SOLEI BALANCE (H) 510 - 0.5G

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Find your moment with Solei Balance -- the perfect complement to finding some zen. Includes 1 Balance cartridge and 1 vaporizer battery. Balance Cartridges have a bright, citrus flavour with notes of lemon and grapefruit, and virtually no cannabis after-taste or smell. The 1:1 THC and CBD content make it an approachable choice for day or night. Solei Balance Cartridges are made with only high-quality, plant-based materials. Distillate cannabis oil, extracted from our sun-grown cannabis, is paired with natural plant-derived terpenes to deliver a smooth, pleasant taste, with no additional ingredients. Compatible with 510 Thread devices. Device not included.
Thc / Cbd Range
380 - 380 mg/g
380 - 380 mg/g

Additional Product Information
Cultivar: Hybrid
Brand Name: Solei
Consumption Method: Vape
Lineage: Nordle
Dominant Effect: Relax

Terpene Profile

Limonene (Citrus)

Beta Caryophyllene (Pepper/Hoppy)

Myrcene (Hoppy)


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